Check Out this canvas space!

Posted: September 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Check Out This Canvas Space

Oh, how shall I begin this wondrous tale that I have for ye…hmmm? Dive right in.  So there I was, with my finger tips gliding amongst the keys,  I was on a mission to search for yet another phantasm for this digital thought bubble of enjoyment.  My blog yearning for visual adventure and crying out for satisfaction.

Then, all of a sudden, the mighty Tumblr gnashed its mighty teeth into my search bar and all was still.  At that moment, my topic bled forth and I came to find the visual amusement of a young woman who creates amazing compositions on her thighs using only simple black and red sharpie pens.  The skill and precision alone are what intrigued my curiosity further. This woman I speak of is  Jody Steel.  Jody Steel is a visual arts student who came to find canvas space close at hand when she decided to start using her personal canvas space.

Each drawing that Jody creates takes about an hour to complete, but even less time to wash off.   Out of all, I’m a major fan that she chose to do a portrait of Walter White from the hit series Breaking Bad.  These portraits are so well done one could even mistake them for being actual tattoos.  Thus, I have taken the liberty of attaching a link for your viewing pleasure.



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