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Another thought also struck my brain while I was writing my last post.  One’s personal contact information is a vital necessity in this day and age.  Not just the supply of said contact info, but the efficient and quick means of providing said contact information.  In other words, fellow students I give you the business card. One of the most impressionable ways of giving someone your personal contact information with designer style.  I believe having a business card opens up many more doors than just giving someone your number.  Take a peak at this post of 80 creative business card ideas.  Click Me and See!




Folks of the Public, I have come to appreciate a design trend that came to light from the age year of 2011.  Ladies and Gentleman I give you, Parallax Scrolling Websites! According to a web post I found on the Web Designer Wall forum video game software designers use this technique to create the illusion of depth by moving multiple layers of images at different speeds.  I have provided a link to the wall post. Check it out. The 30 site examples are pretty wicked.

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